I do this by equipping highly sensitive leaders with the skillset and mindset to maximize their impact in a way that is authentic, joyful, and expansive, and the ability to manage their energy and soothe their nervous system so the changes they make are sustainable.

My purpose is to unleash the impact of soul-centered leadership for people and teams everywhere. 

I'm a highly sensitive leader and recovering perfectionist
and procrastinator. 

Wife of 21 years to Dustin.

Dog Mom to five rescue pups – Billie Jean, Stevie Nicks, Charlie, Brody, and Piper.

Head of Leadership
Effectiveness + Coaching at a global clinical research organization.

Founder and CEO of
Grace + Grit Coaching. 

I'm Amber Anderson!


Immunity to Change Coach, Minds at Work
Life Coach, Life Coach School
Advanced Leadership Coach, Leadership Coach, LLC
Integrative Change Coach, Ethical Coaching Collective + International Association of Counselors and Therapists


I've worked with 100s of leaders across the world in my 20+ year career as a learning and leadership expert. 

With content and tools created and curated specifically to support highly sensitive leaders, I've been able to help my clients go from feeling self-doubt, overwhelmed, disempowered and shame to feeling self-confident, highly competent, calm, secure, fulfilled, authentic, and empowered., 

I understand how it feels to want to grow and evolve in your role as a leader only to then get training and coaching from people who have no idea what would actually be helpful to you as a highly sensitive leader. 

My life was completely different just five years ago. 

I was trying to hustle my way to happiness. I woke up early and worked late. My mind wrestled with competing deadlines constantly. I canceled plans last minute because I either had too much work to do or I was just too tired to go. Both my emotional and physical health were a wreck.

I decided enough was enough and I leaned into the many years of leadership and coaching experience I had helping others to help myself get through this misery. I quickly realized I needed to go beyond the typical leadership development and coaching models to create the change I wanted in myself. I shifted my focus to building a toolkit that enabled me to do the inner work required to sustain outer change.

I was too.

Are you ready to go from overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted to happy, fulfilled, and energized?

book a chemistry call

We'll do that inside The Alchemist Leader Lab or through 1:1 Coaching.

Both are designed specifically to meet the unique needs and strengths of highly sensitive leaders with a holistic focus on the development of your leadership skills so you can build a lasting impact, on quieting the chaos of your mind so you become the boss of your brain, and on regulating your nervous system to build resilience and the ability to be calm and confident regardless of what is happening around you.  


I'm here to help you experience the same transformation so you can embrace your sensitivity and be confident in your ability to be an exceptional leader because of it.