I do this by equipping leaders with the skill set and mindset to maximize their impact in a way that is authentic, joyful, and expansive, and the ability to self-regulate their nervous system so the changes they make are sustainable.

My purpose is to unleash the impact of soul-centered leadership for people and teams everywhere. 

Recovering perfectionist
and procrastinator. 
Wife of 20 years to Dustin. Dog Mom to five rescue pups – Billie Jean, Stevie Nicks, Charlie, Brody, and Piper.
Head of Leadership Effectiveness + Coaching at a global clinical research organization.

Founder and CEO of
Grace + Grit Coaching. 

I'm Amber Anderson!


Immunity to Change Coach, Minds at Work
Life + Weight Coach, Life Coach School
Advanced Leadership Coach, Leadership Coach, LLC
Integrative Change Coach, Ethical Coaching Collective + International Association of Counselors and Therapists


Not only has this work completely transformed my emotional health, but my physical health also. I lost 50 lbs and I’m completely off the migraine and anxiety/depression medications I used to depend on to get through the day. The impact my transformation has had on me personally and professionally is immeasurable.

I nurtured my mind, body, and spirit and that is the work that enabled me to finally become the high-impact and soul-centered leader I had always dreamt of being. 

My life was completely different just five years ago. 

I was trying to hustle my way to happiness. I woke up early and worked late. My mind wrestled with competing deadlines constantly. I canceled plans last minute because I either had too much work to do or I was just too tired to go. Both my emotional and physical health were a wreck.

I decided enough was enough and I leaned into the many years of leadership and coaching experience I had helping others to help myself get through this misery. I quickly realized I needed to go beyond the typical leadership development and coaching models to create the change I wanted in myself. I shifted my focus to doing the inner work required to sustain the outer change.

I was too.

Are you ready to go from overwhelmed, overworked, and exhausted to happy, fulfilled, and energized?

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I’ve created a holistic leadership coaching program to develop not only your skill set, but also your mindset and energetics. The combination is a magic formula for soul-centered leadership. It is the only thing I’ve found that empowers leaders to maximize their impact in a way that is authentic, joyful, and expansive. 

I want to share it with you.

I'm here to help you experience the same transformation so you can fall in love with leadership and your life again - just like I did.